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Hi! My name's Cassandra. I'm a pediatrician who specializes in transgender medicine. I'm also a member of the Denver Mayor's GLBT Commission. Currently I'm reviewing school policies in the Metro Denver area.

And I need YOU.

If you're transgender, how's your life in school? How does your school handle transgender students? Do the school policies work? If it were up to you, what policies would YOU have for transgenders?

Please e-mail any comments to me at

I don't need names, but I would appreciate grade level and school district.

Things to consider:

Are you in or out of the closet?

Is it better for transgenders to be in or out of the closet?

Do you have family support? Teacher support?

Where are you in transitioning? Have you undergone puberty delay? How has it gone?

How do you handle the restroom issue? Locker rooms & showers?

Do you participate in school athletics?

Have you had problems at school activities, dances or proms?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Dr Cassandra

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